Comforting Words: 07/2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer Break

It is official: I am taking the summer off – sort of.

From time to time, like anyone else, I find myself actually needing to rest. Workaholics and other addicts to busy-ness will appreciate how frightening the thought of stopping and letting the world actually spin on its own axis can be.

Sometimes we really do not have a choice in the matter as our bodies and hearts simply refuse to participate in world management for one day longer.

I knew that was the message my body and heart was hinting at when, first, my health status deteriorated and the specialist, who my doctor had sent me to see, ‘threatened’ to put me on insulin. Juds, my partner, had never seen me beg the way I did with this petite diabetes specialist, promising to follow the diet, exercise and rest plan.  She gave me ten weeks.

Then my heart joined the rebellion, declaring that it would no longer participate in my paranoia and anxiety around finding employment. It had only recently finally got me settled around the issue of my daughter living on her own, only to have me kick into even higher gear ‘hunting’ for a job, hardly paying attention to the fact that it is summer outdoors.

When working together, the heart and mind is a formidable team and as such I have surrendered to their higher power and strength.

Therefore, posts to Comforting Words will be few and far between for the summer, as I learn to relax and take better care of myself. That does not mean I will not be available as you can either reach me or stay in touch through:
  1. Comfort Foundation, where you will find lots of information on the work that I try to do and the services that I hope to continue offering.

  2. Email, I check them constantly and will respond.

  3. Telephone, if there is a situation that you feel I might have something to contribute.

Finally, those of you living in Toronto or in comfortable driving distance, can invite me over for dinner (yes, I love food) or join me at Together in Toronto, a conference sponsored by three religious organizations for LBGTQ persons and their friends.  I will be there serving as forum co-facilitator and chaplain from July 26 – 31, 2006.

Enjoy your summer, rest and relax, read a book or two, take care of your health and loved ones and just have some fun.  I will be trying to do the same and it helps to know that you are doing the same.