Comforting Words: Taking Off

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Taking Off

Earlier this week, I wrote about surrendering and the challenges that that concept poses for me. Many of you related to the feeling and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

One such person is my dear friend Sonya, who some of you might have already met through an earlier article she wrote for Comforting Words. The friendship that I now enjoy with Sonya started from a distance and we closed the gap when she visited me while I still lived in Jamaica and she lived in South Korea.

Over the past five years, our friendship has also been marked by each of our ability to look beyond our differences, take risks on life and love and living our passion. We also share impatience for ignorance and discrimination of any sort.

This week, the Words from Scripture, Words of Comfort and Words from the Heart comes from Sonya. Her sending me this article was fortuitous but very welcomed, as I am leaving for a Conference in Toronto where the topic of discussion has to do with discrimination. However, this is more than a trip to a meeting for me, it is a time to come a part and re-channel my energy. As I go on this journey, I ask for your continued prayer and support.

Like me, Sonya is also on a trip but to a far more exotic destination and with far more adventurous thoughts on her mind, which you can read about in her article, My Religion is Kindness.

My hope is that, with the insights that Sonya offers, you will open your heart, in any way neccessary, to embrace love and compassion.

As always, be blessed until next week.



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