Comforting Words: Angel in the Subway

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Angel in the Subway

Yesterday, as I took my three-weekly trek across town to a seminar, my mind was filled with worrying thoughts.

Parking can be a costly venture here in Edmonton and so I have been taking the bus to work and this morning was no different. However, I was a bit late coming out of the house, as A, my daughter, in the casual style of an eighteen year old, dropped the bombshell that she has a date!

So I rushed out after getting the "full bill and receipt" about this guy only to see the back of my bus. Concerned that I was going to be late, I called A, who was still at home, and got her advice on an alternative route, which included my taking the subway.

Fifteen minutes later, as I am sitting on the train, my mind was filled with all that was not going the way I had hoped them to be, the things that I would like to be different in my life by now, the bills that were sitting on top of my fridge to be paid, this guy that A had just told me she was seeing and so on. Then I heard the quiet voice of Spirit saying, "Be still."

On Sunday, I had re-created my sacred space in my bedroom and had been diligently praying for God to be ever so present to me. The mantra, "Marantha," (O, God, come) has been on my lips and in my heart all week and so I was not surprised to hear this invitation to stillness.

As I obeyed the 'command', I raised my eyes from my lap and looked through the window of the train as it pulled into Central Station and saw people hurriedly disembarking and moving towards the escalators to get to their destinations. The train was soon pulling out of the station when my eyes met that of a little girl, walking closely beside a harried looking woman.

In those seconds, through the eyes of this unknown child, I saw that God had heard me. The smile that came to her lips as she held my gaze spoke to my heart, saying "I am here."

A child was the messenger who reminded me that the Divine truly meets us wherever we are. So my friends make sure you are mindful, as angels comes in all shapes and sizes.



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