Comforting Words: Forgive Me

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Forgive Me

I truly apologise to all of you, who have been checking here and emailing me as I have not been posting as frequently.

Truth is, I am experiencing a really challenging time right now, working through the emotions surrounding my mother's recent accident and the implications for her after-hospitalisation care.

If that was not enough, we are now journeying with my daughter A., as she faces laser eye surgery, the first of which is today and the second in two weeks.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support me and my family through your prayers and words of encouragement. I look forward to the full burst of light that I know is on the horizon.

As you pray and support me, I do the same for all of you, especially my woman-friend in Ontario C, who is at the dawn of her own journey. Blessings my dear and know that all will be well.

Thanks to for the wonderful picture that says all that I would say from my heart.

Love to all of you.


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