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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year of The Dog, Snakes and all God's Children

So it's the Year of the Dog and according to one Chinese Culture web site, people born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 have some of the "best traits of human nature." However, the rest of us, i.e., those born in say 1965 like me, should not despair that traits such as loyalty and honesty are beyond our capabilities. If it is any consolation Dog People can be "somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn and eccentric, " according to the same source.

The point is, everything has its up side and its down side, has light and shadow, and indeed pain and joy. We would prefer to experience the seeming positive side of people and situations but authentic living requires embracing both -- what brings us joy and what is painful.

Over the past year, I have shared with you many moments of pain; issues that have brought tears to my eyes and even situations that are seemingly easier to forget. On occasions, I have also shared my joyful moments, things that inspire and draw me into a celebratory mood. As I thought about this New Year and how Comforting Words could move forward one thing stood out -- this blog must remain authentic to my and your daily experiences.

Moving into a sense of greater authenticity, with myself and with you, I am therefore seeking your assistance. My desire is to ensure that Comforting Words more deeply serve your needs as I grow with you, therefore I have created a very brief survey, soliciting your feedback about this community, the past year and how it can better serve you, your family and your circle of friends. Please, take a few moments and complete the survey. Your privacy is guaranteed as I am not collecting or tracking any personal information. My interest is in knowing how best to support you over the next twelve months.

As for me, born in the Year of the Snake, the source cited above, says I am supposedly "deep, have tremendous sympathy for others, tend to overdo and although calm on the surface," I am also "intense and passionate." Whether that is true is left to be seen and judged by history. For now, my hope is that through this blog, Comforting Words, I along with you can make a difference in even one person's life in some way, shape or form.

Throughout 2006, I hope to present you my dear friends with ideas, simple things that we can do individually or as a community spread across the world to celebrate the beauty that the Divine has implanted in each and every one of us. In fact, there is an idea already bubbling in my head - a special way to mark International Women's Day on March 8, 2006.

Snake People they say never worry about money and are financially fortunate. Thus far, that has not been my experience, however, I truly believe that in giving we receive and during 2006, I will more intentionally activate the power of sharing in my life and will share ideas with you how to do the same in yours.

Another thing about Snake People is that we are usually good-looking -- you can be the judge of that as I continue to share photographs throughout the year.

One big event coming up early this year is my 41st birthday on February 15. My partner has decided to host a pyjama party to mark this milestone and invitations have already been sent to all members of Comforting Words. What this event signifies more than anything else is retrieving joy and laughter as an important part of my life. Those of you who will attend have been asked to bring much of that to this event -- your childish joy of life! No sour faces will be allowed.

Whether you are a Dog, Snake or a Dragon (my partner) this year at Comforting Words will be an exciting and insightful. We will continue in the vein that has become the norm here - honesty, integrity, truth telling - as we seek justice, love, equality and freedom for all people, everywhere.

You can be a part of that by simply joining our Mailing List (scroll down and click on the box to the right) and/or tell a friend or two about Comforting Words. You will notice that Comforting Words can now be translated into several languages by the click of a button on the Babel Fish link to the right of this section.

Membership offers you the chance to win one of our monthly specially selected gifts (yes, that will continue, it offers my direct support, whether by e-mail, our Discussion Forum or telephone. Membership also offers you several chances per month to be real and retrieve the authentic You.




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