Comforting Words: Happy Birthday to Me

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Tomorrow, February 15, 2006, is my forty-first birthday, bringing to an end my all-year celebration of my fortieth.

On Saturday, February 25, a few of my dear friends, including members of the Comforting Words Community, will help me close this special time. The official celebration had to be postponed as this weekend my partner, along with two dear women-friends, will be cooking and serving at a Black History Month Luncheon at my church and I will be trying to calm my nerves to again deliver the Reflection.

The thought, however, of my friends donning their pyjamas and coming over to my place for what I am anticipating to be a night of childish fun will do the trick.

My guests need not purchase any special or expensive lingerie for this event – any old terry wool, flannel or cotton pj’s will do. Mind you, I will need to purchase a presentable pair myself, as it has not been my habit to wear the things, preferring a tee-shirt and an old gym pants myself.

We will watch old movies (maybe Calendar Girls) while nibbling on the delectable hor d’oeuvres – crab stuffed shells, mini crème caramel and pastry filled with shrimp, among others – that my partner, Chef Mc, is planning to whip up for us.

The part that I am looking forward to most is the music! I have spent hours searching for and downloading some of my favourites, much to the chagrin of a particular woman-friend whose taste in music is so different from mine. I am confident though that even she will be infected by the ‘jig and boogie’ bug while the night is still young!

You might be wondering why a forty-one year old woman is so excited about a pyjamas and sleep over party? Does she not have anything better to do, you might be asking?

You are exactly right – there is nothing better than this!

There is nothing better that I would like to do next week Saturday than being with a group of people, who have filled my year with such love and pleasure, people who have supported my growth even when the going was tough and people who have helped me to realize that I am enough!

There are many others who I would love to be there but for various reasons cannot. I know that they will be with us in spirit, hopefully a childish and playful one, and I thank them. Thanks to all who have sent me messages of well-wishes. I love you and thank God that I have the privilege of journeying with you.

I have never felt so much love in my entire life and there is no better way I could imagine of saying “Thank You God,” than being in the company of these loving friends; breaking bread and having the time of our lives doing simple things!

I have only one wish – would someone please, please get me a carrot cake from “Death By Chocolate?”




Anonymous laurelin said...

Happy birthday Claudette! Your celebration sounds great to me! :)

Mon. Feb. 20, 04:11:00 p.m. MST  
Blogger Claudette said...

Thanks Laurelin...isn't it just wonderful to be just have some fun! I am really looking forward to this party. Blessings.

Mon. Feb. 20, 04:50:00 p.m. MST  

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