Comforting Words: Divas for Kiva

Monday, November 05, 2007

Divas for Kiva

One of "my boys," Dr. B, sent me an interesting email a few weeks, probably closer to a couple months ago.

This email was a follow-up to a conversation we had about an organization that he had heard of that lends people $25.00 and changes their lives.

For some unknown reason, it took me almost two months to finally visit the site one night after sitting at home basically bored. Not that there was nothing available for me to do -- there was plenty but my mind would not focus. Through the fog, the name Kiva came to me and I rushed to my laptop and searched for Dr. B's email.

Money is not something I am awash in -- in fact, there are days when I feel like a fundraising BBQ might be in order to help me face my own financial situation. However, as I read about the people Kiva helps across the world, I was once again reminded how fortunate I am.

Well into overdraft, without a moment's hesitation I transferred $50.00 and opened a portfolio for The Comfort Foundation.

Many of you would have received an email from me, personally inviting you to join this venture, which I decided to call Divas for Kiva.

You might be wandering where in heaven's name did I get that one from. Well, it so amazed me how quietly "my boys," were helping to change the world - touching the lives of people in places where homosexuality might be punishable by death. And in honour of Dr. B and his partner's bold move, the latter being the person who is always taking photographs of me and who is such a Diva, the name of this new project came about.

So release the Diva in you and either send me an email to be a part of Divas for Kiva or simply visit Kiva and become a $25.00 entrepreneur today.





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