Comforting Words: She (and I) is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus!

Monday, October 20, 2008

She (and I) is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus!

Few are the speeches that has truly moved me and this clip is one of them.

I was equally moved - into a state of shock - today by a young man's comment, betting that a President Obama will be assassinated. This was a black Canadian who in his misguided pomposity seem to think that bigotry and hatred exists only in the United States.

I beg to only today I had occasion to literally stare down the hate-filled gaze of a white supremacist right here in Canada!

So, while in the following clip Donna Brazille speaks about the US Presidential election and the sad history of racism in that country - her point(s) is relevant to people of colour across the world.

In fact, it is relevant to everyone one - no matter the skin colour.

Do watch, listen and absorb:

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